What is SE-Coaching?

SE-COACHING is aimed at individuals and emphazises on creative orientation. It can be booked as an individual session, but is also ideal for smaller teams of 2-4 participants. We play with improvisation, toning, songs, characters and scenic constellations on individual themes. The voice is used to solve blockages or disturbances, to activate inner potential, to reorientate oneself and to implement personal goals.

In SE-COACHING I follow a holistic approach. I am always looking for fundamental balance, so that the results are noticeable and effective on the physical level as well as in the emotional, mental and spiritual areas of our life experience!

I currently offer SE-COACHING in four central areas:

Depending on which topics arise, the vocal-awareness process unfolds in two directions, which can be emphasized differently and complement each other – on the one hand it appears as a healing and transformational process on the other hand as a process of deep learning, manifestation or creativity.

A solid basic technique for use in public (stage, lecture hall) is being conveyed. These lessons combine the principles of body, breath and energy work with classical vocal skills and modern awareness technology.

In the field of singing, I use the basics of classical voice training and belcanto singing technique, as well as techniques of special areas such as skating (jazz, vocal improvisation) and belting (musical, pop). In the area of ​​language, I play with a combination of classic technical exercises for the speaking voice and elements of speech formation (according to Rudolf Steiner).

The session consists of 3 main areas:

  • Vocal basics & technique
  • Musicality / voice development
  • Repertoire / interpretation

Especially for teachers, educators, therapists. It is suitable for people who need to use their voice in public and who need basic training to keep their voice fit, resilient and expressive. Organic voice training aims to sustainably improve the use of the voice in everyday life and at work.

  • Releasing physical and thus vocal tension
  • Letting go of inhibitions in vocal expression
  • Deepening breath, voice & energy work
  • Opening the voice and resonance zones of the body
  • Expanding expression & communication skills

This format is aimed in particular at people in leading positions who lead others or larger projects with their voice – e.g. coaches, managers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, politicians, moderators, speakers. Here I combine approaches from the high-performance area with voice work. The essential aspects are:

  • Connection to the inner voice / clarity, intuition and inner guidance
  • Being audible & visible! / Authenticity, energy and effectiveness
  • Multidimensional communication / intention, cooperation and co-creativity
  • Seeing the big picture / inspiration, mentoring and connecting to universal intelligence

Female voices lead and function differently than male voices. It is important to me to include these differences in the training and to filter out what exactly YOUR voice needs to be efficient!


  • You would like to concentrate on working on a personal topic with your voice?


  • You would like to get to know the possibilities of using the voice co-creatively in community with others (partners, small teams)?
  • You would like to boost the communication skills and creativity in your team and increase the flow of energy?