What is Stimm­Energetics?

STIMMENERGETICS (SE) is an open system of process-oriented voice work that combines creative, energetic and soundhealing tools into a holistic way of expanding voice and consciousness.

The STIMMENERGETICS TRAI­NING supports you in accessing your authentic voice and provides you with many different possibilities of connecting with your creative potential. And of course, this work improves the use of your audible voice while speaking and singing.

The vital interplay between conveying vocal techniques & information, the questions & topics of the course participants and the combination of group, individual and partner work enables accelerated learning and remarkable results in a very short time!

You develop the quality and scope of your vocal expression as well as your awareness and communication skills.

Let us start this journey together!


…is a Live-Webinar of 90 min. / for beginners

  • You are interested in a holistic way of freeing, training and developing your voice?


… is a one-day-seminar for beginners with a little bit of experience

  • You would really like to access your vocal + creative potentials?
  • You already have some experience in the field of energy work and/or voice training and are are now interested in the possibilities that arise from this combination?
  • You attended the SE INTRO and would like to delve deeper into the practice of SE?


… SEFU is the heart of the SE training course in 4 modules / for participants of the SE INTRO or SE BASICS introductory courses

  • You are looking for permanent access to your vocal + creative potentials?
  • You are interested in working with your voice an energy field in a holistic way?
  • You would love to speak, sing, sound with your authentic voice and you´d like to know how to apply the unbelievable abilities of this voice?
  • NEW! SEFU 2.0 Training 2024


… are advanced weekend intensives / for graduates of SEFU training

  • You have completed the SEFU and would like to deepen specific areas of the training?
  • You would like to refresh knowledge and practice of SEFU in community with others?


…is the advanced course following SEFU in 3 parts / for graduates of SEFU training

  • You have completed the SEFU training, want to deepen the whole process and continue at an advanced level?
  • You would like to continue along the path of the voice in co-creation with others?


…is a one-week retreat in Mallorca / for people interested in this work with a little experience in energy work and/or voice training

  • You already learned about the 3 basic tools of SE and would like to embark on an adventurous journey to yourself with your voice?
  • You have started or completed the SE training and would like to deepen and update your knowledge and practice of this work?
  • You would like to raise your energy to a complete new level in a special & concentrated atmosphere and recognize your innate creative and vocal potentials?