What is TONING?

TONING is a release of one’s authentic voice, that arises from within and longs to express itself in the world. It´s an extremely effective means of harmonizing the body and the energy field through the sound, the flow and the energetic charge of your voice.

TONING is for everyone who…

  • wants to experience their authentic voice again
  • wants to bring more vitality and strength into their lives
  • wants to be heard and understood
  • wants to sing, sigh, laugh, cry, shout, whisper and/or be loud from the depth of their heart
  • want to reestablish their inner balance.


  • You would like to connect with the pristine power in your voice?
  • You are interested in a more intuitive, process-oriented way of vocal training?

TONING is refreshingly additive! 🙂

It will transform your everyday life, turn life upside down and it triggers profound changes. This can turn you into an unswervingly grinning optimist.

Side effects are guaranteed!


  • You would like to go on a contemplative journey towards your core with your voice?
  • You are interested in a specific topic and would like to explore and experience it in depth with your voice?


  • You would like to experience different perspectives on playing with your vocal potential?
  • You would like to do vocal work on a regular basis in a group?