STIMM / VOICE double meaning in german for voice, mood, being consistent, tuning an instrument.

ENERGETICS – is an English term from the field of vibrational medicine and bodywork. 

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„If there is any real trace of miracle, of phenomena, of wonder, it is the voice.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

About Katharina

I have been working as a singer and actress for a good 35 years now – with extensive training in dance, musical theatre, singing and acting and with a great deal of stage practice as well as teaching experience in the areas of movement, singing, voice training and language.
The world of vibrations has always fascinated me. I perceive the effects of this field of consciousness very intensively – above all through deep listening and intuition. Since I wanted to understand my experiences and learn how to use them, I have been researching since the 1990s and developing practical approaches to work with energy fields in connection with the voice. On this journey I encountered many different perspectives of this vibrational world – traditional, indigenous as well as spiritual and scientific ones. What emerges for me is that the human voice is a bridge between body, mind and spirit. And that it opens the door to an unlimited creative potential that is inherent in every human being!
I now incorporate this knowledge into my vocal practice both on stage and in teaching. This is how STIMMENERGETICS came about. It offers a framework for an unfolding of both voice and creative potential from inside out. It is a deeply holistic approach that involves all levels of human experience.
StimmEnergetics - Katharina Felice - Porträt Katharina Felice

For whom?

. StimmEnergetics (SE) works for anyone who wants to develop and express their full voice in speech and song and who is looking for a holistic approach of vocal training. It is suitable…

  • for everyone who uses their voice professionally – E.g. singers, speakers, actors, educators, therapists, coaches, etc.
  • for people who are enthusiastic about the power of the voice and who are looking for practical ways to live most of their creative potential
  • for everyone who wants to increase their communication skills, who wants to share their creative vision and manifest it in the world
  • and finally for those who want to connect their inner and outer voice, live and express their creative potential on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually


SE is a very practical approach – a combination of vocal technique with energy work and tools from modern consciousness research. You will get to know and apply the potential and the infinite possibilities of your voice through physical expression, creative performance, interaction and play. Essential aspects of this vocal work are:

  • Body work, movement, posture, conscious breathing
  • Vocal technique, toning, energy work
  • Imagination, improvisation, intention and play
  • Inner voice, meditation and contemplation

What for?

SE works in two directions. For one, it has a healing and transformative effect on both the voice itself and the practitioner’s consciousness. On the other hand, it expands the creative expression of your voice

  • Liberation, relaxation, revitalization
  • Emotional balance
  • Mental clarity, spontaneous activation of self-healing processes
  • Increased awareness, multidimensional perception
  • Liberation of the authentic speaking and singing voice
  • Discovery of creative resources and inner potential
  • Enhanced communication and cooperation; spontaneous creativity and manifestation
  • Presence, inspiration, implementation of life vision